Artemis Records® is an independent record company founded in 1992 by Basil Fitzpatrick, with its debut artist release of the band Glaz Wind in 1994 and first to use in commerce the name Artemis Records to distribute and promote new music.

Artemis Records® is an independent record company which distributes new music and offers artists a platform to promote, distribute, and sell their unsigned music and band goods like CD’s and DVD’s as well as t shirts, posters, etc. With the purpose of offering artists a chance to have their music heard.


Artemis Records® provides the following services for unsigned artists:

  • Distribution of CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s, T-shirts, etc..
  • Full service merchandise production for artists.
  • Free listing page for artists to promote their music.
  • Joint venture promotion.

Artemis Records® invites talented unsigned artists to participate in music festivals.

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